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The "Garibaldi" cocktail is a vibrant and refreshing drink that pays homage to the rich flavors of Italy. This cocktail is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an iconic Italian general and political figure known for his role in the unification of Italy. The Garibaldi cocktail showcases the simplicity and elegance of Italian mixology, combining the natural sweetness of freshly squeezed oranges with the bold character of Campari. With its brilliant orange hue and delightful balance of flavors, the Garibaldi cocktail is a true celebration of Italian zest and craftsmanship.

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  1. Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes and pour the Campari over the ice, allowing it to chill and mingle with the frosty cubes.
  2. Pour the freshly squeezed orange juice into the glass, gently pouring it over the Campari and ice.
  3. Give the mixture a brief stir, allowing the flavors to combine harmoniously. Garnish the cocktail with a slice of orange(optional).

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