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Rye and Ginger

Rye and Ginger
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The "Rye and Ginger" cocktail is a classic and straightforward libation that combines the boldness of rye whiskey with the zesty effervescence of ginger ale. This no-fuss cocktail is a favorite among whiskey enthusiasts for its simplicity and satisfying flavor profile. The Rye and Ginger cocktail strikes a perfect balance between the spicy warmth of rye whiskey and the crisp, refreshing bite of ginger ale. With its uncomplicated nature and timeless appeal, this cocktail is a go-to choice for those seeking a straightforward and enjoyable drink that never fails to hit the spot.

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  1. In a highball glass with ice cubes pour the rye whiskey over.
  2. Top off the glass with ginger ale, adding enough to suit your taste preference. Stir gently to combine the whiskey and ginger ale.
  3. Squeeze a lime wedge over the cocktail to release its citrusy aroma and drop it into the glass(optional).

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