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Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum
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Warm your spirits and embrace the cozy comforts of the season with the classic and indulgent Hot Buttered Rum cocktail. This rich and soothing libation combines the delightful flavors of dark rum, brown sugar, butter, and a medley of warm spices, creating a symphony of winter indulgence in every sip. Imagine the inviting colors of this drink - a comforting amber hue that mirrors the fireside ambiance it brings. Join us as we unveil the secrets to crafting the Hot Buttered Rum, a perfect choice for those seeking a decadent and soul-warming beverage to accompany chilly evenings.

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  1. In a heatproof mug, combine the softened butter, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and ground cloves.
  2. Pour the dark rum over the mixture in the mug.
  3. Fill the mug with boiling water, leaving some space at the top.
  4. Stir the ingredients until the butter and sugar are dissolved, and garnish with a cinnamon stick for a festive touch.

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