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Champagne Cocktail

Champagne Cocktail
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The Champagne Cocktail with Cognac is a luxurious twist on the classic sparkling drink, adding depth and richness to the celebratory libation. This exquisite cocktail combines the effervescence of champagne with the smoothness of cognac, creating a harmonious marriage of flavors. The addition of a sugar cube soaked in aromatic bitters adds a touch of sweetness and complexity. Perfect for toasting special occasions or adding a touch of elegance to any gathering, the Champagne Cocktail with Cognac is a sophisticated choice that will leave a lasting impression.

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  1. Place a sugar cube at the bottom of a champagne flute. Add 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters onto the sugar cube then pour 1 oz of cognac over the sugar cube.
  2. Allow the sugar cube to soak in the cognac and bitters for a moment then fill the flute with chilled champagne or sparkling wine, leaving room at the top.
  3. Stir gently to help dissolve the sugar cube and garnish with a lemon twist or a cherry(optional).

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