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Yule Mule

Yule Mule
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The "Yule Mule" cocktail is a festive and spirited libation that brings the warmth of the holiday season to your glass. This winter-inspired twist on the classic Moscow Mule combines the crispness of ginger beer with the comforting notes of cranberry and the robust character of bourbon. The result is a drink that captures the essence of Yuletide cheer, making it the perfect companion for holiday gatherings and cozy evenings by the fireplace. Sip on the "Yule Mule" and let the flavors of the season envelop your senses in a delightful celebration of winter festivities.

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  1. In a copper mug or highball glass with ice add bourbon, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice.
  2. Stir gently to combine the ingredients.
  3. Top off the glass with ginger beer, allowing it to effervesce and blend with the other flavors. Optionally, garnish the "Yule Mule" cocktail with a few cranberries and a sprig of rosemary for a festive touch.

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