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Picon Punch

Picon Punch
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The "Picon Punch" cocktail is a classic libation with a rich history that hails from the Basque region of France and Spain. This venerable drink embodies the charm of an old-world cocktail, combining the bittersweet elegance of Amer Picon with the warm embrace of brandy, creating a complex and delightful experience. A splash of grenadine and soda adds a refreshing twist to this timeless concoction, making it a must-try for those who appreciate a sophisticated and nuanced cocktail journey. Whether you're exploring a piece of cocktail history or simply indulging in the art of mixology, the "Picon Punch" offers a taste of tradition with a modern twist.

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  1. In a highball or collins glass with ice pour the Amer Picon and brandy.
  2. Add the grenadine syrup, which will add a touch of sweetness and a hint of red hue to the cocktail.
  3. Stir gently to combine the ingredients and chill the mixture.
  4. Top the glass with soda water to your desired level, and garnish with a twist of lemon and a twist of orange, which adds both visual appeal and aromatic complexity to the cocktail(optional).

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