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Godmother is a simple yet elegant cocktail that is perfect for those who enjoy a smooth and sophisticated drink. This cocktail is a variation of the classic Godfather, which typically consists of scotch and amaretto. However, the Godmother replaces the scotch with vodka, creating a slightly sweeter and smoother flavor profile. The Godmother is typically made with equal parts vodka and amaretto, giving it a balanced and harmonious taste. The almond flavor of the amaretto pairs perfectly with the subtle sweetness of the vodka, creating a drink that is both delicious and easy to drink. The Godmother is a great choice for those who want a low-key and understated cocktail that is still full of flavor and character. Whether you're enjoying it at home or at a bar, the Godmother is sure to become one of your new favorite cocktails.

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  1. Pour vodka and amaretto into a glass with ice.
  2. Mix well and enjoy.

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